After sending me, they committed. The host had already signed in 2018 a multi-year contract concluded with a non-competition clause that would prevent him from joining another network. “I won`t report anywhere else, at least in the near future,” Smith added. Smith`s program aired against right-wing commentator Lou Dobbs, who attracted the largest audience on fox business network, competing with CNBC for financial viewers. CNN and MSNBC are set to become the two most likely landing sites for former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who unexpectedly left the network in October and has since been on the cable message sideline pending a no-go clause of unknown length. It is believed that Smith`s non-compete clause with Fox News Channel expires in June or July, which would make him available for work, as anticipation of the Democratic and Republican national conventions sets in. Smith, whose non-compete deal with Fox was not concluded earlier this month, was an alluring talent that sparked interest across the industry. In CNBC, he found a clean vest, a network that has not been identified from a political point of view. Smith`s signature seems to indicate that the alignment of opinion is less likely. Smith`s camp did not explicitly say he was considering accepting another newscast, although at the time of Smith`s resignation, Giglio said he was “taking a break, but he`s not retiring.” Earlier this spring, reports were published that NBC management was considering putting together a list of political speeches for CNBC at the best time, in a more conservative but more moderate way than Fox News. On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that Smith had discussed with MSNBC President Phil Griffin a possible membership in the network.