6.15 You may only request the name change service within the time limits set in consultation with the event partner. The times at which this service is available may vary depending on the type of ticket you have purchased (traditional ticket, paper digital ticket, e-digital ticket) and the type of shipment you want (home delivery, pick-up at the event venue, email). 6.20 Resale is only successful if a new buyer buys your ticket. In this case, the nominal price, including the presale, minus the cost of providing the resale service is € 6.00 for each ticket (all other costs are indicated during the purchase procedure of the event); Under no circumstances will service and shipping costs incurred at the time of purchase be refunded. 6.27 In order to allow the ticket holder to change the name and/or resell, the buyer of a ticket may transfer tickets from his account to other customer accounts to Ticketmaster.it via the ticketing service. I was skeptical of the bad press ticket resellers had, but I was pleasantly surprised to be able to sell unwanted concert tickets (always ask your wife before buying tickets!) within minutes of the list and the offer price. Highly recommended for resale or late purchase. I think the service is very useful, but absolutely hates the amount charged per ticketmaster. It should be a service available for free or at a minimum cost, so that fans can safely sell tickets to events they can no longer participate in without having to go to sites where some fans are exploited. 6.31 If you transfer a ticket to another account to allow for the change of name or resale by the cardholder, please be aware that any refund (for example.B. for a successful resale or for a cancelled event) will continue to be made to the credit card used to purchase that ticket.

It is not possible to make a refund to the user who receives the ticket by transfer to his account, but who has not made the purchase. For more information, see the corresponding FAQ. It`s so shady!!! I tried to call the number 0800 within the indicated opening hours, and I am constantly told that I have to call back during these hours?? I also can`t access my resale account, as it says my password has expired. .