This means disputeable agreement in Hindi, importance of the agreement subject to challenge in Hindi, definition of countervailable agreement, examples and debate of countervailable agreement in Hindi language. # Null contract There is an illegitimate agreement from the beginning, while countervailable contracts are justified from the beginning and if a party wants to make it itself a null contract, then it falls under the category of illegitimate agreement. Meaning and definitions of countervailable agreement, translation into Hindi language for challengeable conformity with similar and opposing words. Also find the spoken pronunciation of the questionable concordance in Hindi and English. # There must be an object or element in the void contract that requires the contract to be invalidated, while the countervailable contract is not necessarily necessary. # Questionable contract can work if the party wants to run according to the legal rules and if it must not operate according to the legal rules, it can invalidate the contract. # Invalid contracts are not recognized by law, i.e. they are inaccessible by law. If a party breaks the contract with you, there is nothing you can do. While countervailable contracts are a valid agreement, it can be concluded by one or both parties if they wish to conclude a null contract, i.e. a void contract.

Void Contracts is also called null contract in Hindi. They are not validated by law, that is, they are legally inaccessible. If a party breaks the contract with you, there is nothing you can do. Because it is legally illegitimate. It is an illegitimate contract from the beginning, in which you do not get the assistance of a lawyer if you are deceived by a party.