There was no obvious way to reject the amended terms of use. [13] This decision has been the subject of strong criticism from privacy advocates and consumers. After a day, Instagram apologized, saying it would remove controversial language from its terms of service. [14] Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, responded to the controversy by saying: Contract: Means the agreement signed between the parties, which includes the special conditions for the provision of services and the tariff plan as well as these terms and conditions; 5. Fees and charges for the use of the Services; Expenses and Taxes You agree to pay Aeroxe the amounts and manner specified in the Sales Orders for the Services. Invoices that are not paid on the due date will bear interest on the balance of the outstanding principal of one and a half percent (1.5%) per month or part thereof (unless restricted by law, in which case interest will be charged at the highest legal rate). Aeroxchange may change the prices of any Service with sixty (60) days` written notice, provided, however, that no increase is made within the first year of the contract date indicated on the relevant Sales Order for the Service. You agree to reimburse Aeroxchange for all expenses actually incurred by Aeroxchange in connection with the provision of the Services, including travel and incidental expenses actually incurred during implementation and training or to provide ongoing support that you may request. You agree to pay all applicable sales, use, service or other similar taxes imposed now or in the future that may be collected and assessed or otherwise collected by Aeroxchange in accordance with local, state, national or international tax laws, rules or agreements relating to your access to and use of the Exchange or any service provided to you by Aeroxchange.

6. Aeroxchange`s rights to monitor and access activities and information Aeroxchange reserves the right to monitor access and activities on the Website and exchange and to access and delete any information transmitted or received through the Website or exchange, or your access to and use of the exchange for appropriate reasons, including your failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions. In order for Aeroxchange to comply with applicable laws or such regulatory requests, or in similar circumstances in which Aeroxchange believes in good faith that its business or reputation may be compromised by a user`s activities on the Exchange, Aeroxchange may access and disclose all information, including but not limited to, personal information of you or other users and any other information. the particulars that aeroxchange deems necessary or appropriate, without notice. .